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Comlogic is a specialist IT Equipment supplier to Industry, Commerce and the Education Sector.

IT equipment has become an integral part of education in schools and colleges across the globe. Comlogic has actively provided solutions to the education sector since 1995 working with schools from Shrewsbury to Sunderland.

Computers and the use of computers has transformed both teaching and learning in all aspects of education, from young children’s development through to adult education. By understanding teachers and lecturers’ requirements and working in close partnership with our educational establishments, Comlogic have been able to assist in providing best value equipment which is best suited for the application. From laptops and desktops to interactive Smart boards and musical technology equipment through to special needs devices, Comlogic have the wealth of experience to ensure that you choose the product most suitable for your needs.


By working closely with you we are able to ensure that we hold sufficient stock to satisfy your needs with an extremely prompt delivery and installation service.